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Information on real estate, selling or renting of properties, can be found on magazines, books, newspapers, web pages and also on real estate firms like "Century 21".

Even on some free magazines like "4 sale by owner" or "Inmobilia". Where you can be able to find spots on particular areas like Escazu, Santa Ana, Heredia, Guanacaste, etc. which vary on climate, scenery and prices as well. In fact, properties on a variety of places to suit the different tastes.


Since the country started becoming very popular among the foreigners, basically through word of mouth, a lot of people have arrived to Costa Rica and Apartment for sale in Costa Rica decided to retire or reallocate. The search for a more peaceful environment and a warmer weather, and affordable real estate has made Costa Rica one of the first destinations. This has caused an accelerated increase not only in real estate, but also in infrastructure as well as in other sort of investments.


A lot of people continue choosing Costa Rica, who already has developed and continues developing to match the tastes and make the foreigners feel more like home. Main restaurant franchises, like McDonalds, Kentucky, Dennis, and Outback Steak House, among others have been opened. Also some mayor stores like Price smart, Office Depot, Payless Shoe, etc. In reference to taxes, Costa Rica real estate tax is of 0.25%, which is a great benefit for real estate purchasing. Also there is no income tax on foreign earned income as well as no capital gain taxes, a mayor plus for living in Costa Rica. Another benefit is that Costa Rica is politically stable, meaning that it is well known for being a democratic country since its independence and also that it does not have an army, different from other Central American and South American countries like Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, among others.


Among other mayor benefits, Costa Rica has very good medical services, hospitals and clinics are accessible and it has a comfortable price in relation to for example United States and Europe. Also it is considered to be half price of the cheapest city in Europe, which definitely means that there is a greater economic power of acquisition than many other European countries. All of these issues have impelled the real estate development in Costa Rica. The increase of demand on property purchase has caused the need to grow and expand in the construction of houses, apartments, office buildings, etc. to be able to have enough to offer.