Top Popular Places to Visit near Thailand

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Thailand has well-connected trains and budget airlines that can help you visit all the places without having to worry about your transportation cost. If you're exploring your next vacation destination and what should be done on your next tropical vacation, look at our rundown of the

Thailand has well-connected trains and budget airlines that can help you visit all the places without having to worry about your transportation cost. If you're exploring your next vacation destination and what should be done on your next tropical vacation, look at our rundown of the most ideal getaway destinations in Thailand.


Of course, Bangkok's Thanon Khao San (Khao San Road) is a unique dream destination of what the hippy trail used to be, and it's a priority stop before you head off to visit Wat Pho and other temples on Ko Ratanakosin and the commercial wonder that is Chatuchak Weekend Market.


This spot is great for the people who truly have some interest in the history of a specific country as each and every monument at this spot educates us regarding the past of Thailand. This spot is under the world heritage site and has been safeguarded by the UNESCO. The majority of the things that were constructed here were never again built and what we see here is its remaining parts.

Anything that remains and is seen by individuals was recalled by the UNESCO. The majority of the symbols that we see here are of Buddha, yet they are not in that frame of mind by any stretch as your imagination, as some doesn’t have their head and others don't have another piece of the statue. One can come here by any of the local transport services and can go through the entire day watching these astonishing and beautiful art structures. Thailand Holiday Packages for a unique holiday escape!


Thailand's simple in for families, Phuket is the doorway toward the southern beaches, and a most loved beginning stage for families visiting Thailand interestingly. The food is fragrant and spicy, the retreats cooled and agreeable, the beaches sand-sprinkled and beautiful, and there's tons for kids to do, from snorkeling and surfing to mangrove trips. Choose Thailand Honeymoon Package for a romantic fun vacation!


One of Southern Thailand's most famous regions, Krabi can't neglect to tempt: it has groundbreaking encounters for sightseers both on the central area and on its islands. Koh Phi is frequently supposed to be one of Thailand's most pleasant islands; check out Maya Bay and Phi Phi Viewpoint to see the reason why. Thailand Holiday Packages for a peaceful vacation!

Chiang Mai

Historic Chiang Mai is the capital of the north, and wonderful monasteries adorn each city block. Some are sensitive jewel boxes canvassed in reflected mosaics; others are transcending developments of hand-slashed teak or exceptionally old relics of uncovered brickwork and cut plaster. Factor in astounding street food, fabulous cooking courses and simple road trips to wilderness covered mountains and you'll get why this is many voyager's number one Thai city.

Khao Sok National Park

Wild tigers, elephants and gibbons - for sure, Khao Sok is one of Thailand's loveliest national parks. There are an entire scope of jungle lodges to expedite in, as well as local guides offering wildlife watching, kayak trip and long or short hikes into the wilderness. Whenever you're prepared for a little reprieve and unwinding, you have probably the best sea shores in the nation - around Khao Lak and Phuket - a simple hour's drive away. Thailand Holiday Packages for an adventurous vacation!

Khao Yai National Park

It is said that this is the first national park of Thailand. In the event that we discuss today, there are more than 120 national parks in Thailand that one can visit. Thailand's most great wildlifehaven is only a couple of brief hours from Bangkok by road, however the thick, dribbling wildernesses stow away elephants, monkeys, gibbons, bears, hornbills, bats and a portion of the last wild Thai tigers.

Koh Samet

Out in Thailand's Eastern Gulf, little Samet island checks every one of the cases winter-getting away travelers requires: brittle white beaches, straightforward warm waters and a laid-back vibe that separates it from greater spots like Phuket. Certainly, bustling hotels do exist - Hat Sai Kaew (Crystal Sand Beach) is a buzz of banana boats and lively resorts.

Similan Islands

Nearly 70 miles seaward from Phang-Nga province, the Similan Islands get down on like a reference point to scuba divers and snorkelers. Regardless of some fading of hard corals, radiant fish and delicate corals flourish, and there are wonderful island beaches to unwind on between jumps. Honeymoon Package Thailand for a fun vacation!

Chiang Rai's Hills

Thailand's far north is a place where there are jungle wonders, a previous torment of medication masters that currently calls out to trekking-booted adventurers. Hiking is the main attraction around Chiang Rai, going through tribal homelands that overflow the borders into Myanmar and Laos. Neglected temples and homestays in tea and espresso developing villages make this one of the most charming corners of the country.


Thailand's self-announced City of Sin may not interest everybody, but rather there's simply such a great amount to see and do you'd be distraught to leave it off your process plans. Sure there's the infamous Walking Street and various go-go bars, but things before long get more salubrious. There's the ocean side: OK, not the prettiest in Thailand, but rather completely fine with couple of activities and there are a few exquisite islands off the coast tailor-made for snorkeling. Prepared to tour? Find out about Thailand Trip Cost from India!